The Jungle Boy’s Story

The jungle boy’s story begins when he was sitting at home bored from his everyday life. The constant monotonous routine of getting up, going to work and coming home exhausted to do anything was something he was getting tired of mentally. So, as he began to plan an escape from this modern jungle that is the corporate world, he was looking more to take a vacation somewhere where he can connect with nature again. In the coming months, a reservation flight was booked to Brazil as he was going to visit the Amazonian rain forests.

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This was his dream when he was a young boy, to travel to a place where he might meet Tarzan, and even though once he grew up and accepted that Tarzan was a fictional character, the wish to travel to such a place where the surroundings were like in the Tarzan movies was still present. Finally, he would have the chance to relax from his monotonous life and still visit a location that he wanted to see since his childhood. As they say, he hit two birds with one stone. The moment he landed, fate had already planned out his new daily routines for him. He met a girl named Sarah, who was also escaping her boring life from home, where she just wanted to feel alive again and wanted.

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During the first few days they both bonded and became close, and without much hesitation, they decided to camp out together without anyone else following them. Once the first night came Sarah started whispering in his ear, the things every man wants to hear once they find themselves alone with a woman. After giving her a nice and relaxing back rub, he made love to her that whole night, giving her multiple orgasms and even having a few of his own. As the morning sun crept behind them through the leaves of the trees, Sarah called him the ” craziest thing she has done so far in her life” he was her Tarzan he was her favorite jungle boy.

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