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The Sex Doll Surprise (Part 1)

Joe was a simple man with simple desires, who enjoyed simple pleasures.  He married his high school sweet heart Jennifer, the day after they graduate high school in Northeastern Alabama.  It’s been 30 years since that day, and Joe’s sex life has felt a beige of late.  It’s not that they never had sex, but the sex they did have was routine, and lacking the spark they had in earlier years.

It’s hard to say where they lost the course. For years after their initial honeymoon romp the love-making was a passionate affair.  Joe liked to think of his fucking style as “athletic”.  He could go for hours at break neck speed giving Jennifer orgasm after orgasm, not to mention a great workout.  He supposed with the years, and the extra weight he’s put on that he just didn’t have the energy for his trademark style anymore.

But alas, Joe persevered, he has always remained faithful to the first love of his life.  Sometimes he wondered what it’d be like to be with another woman, but he would quickly squash those thoughts as the devil speaking.

Jennifer was not clueless to Joe’s feelings, although he was the type to suffer in silence.  She had seen the spark dwindle in his eyes over the years, how he became ever less enthusiastic every time they did the deed.  She had come up with a plan.

What if she could make the bedroom interesting again? What if she could give Joe the variety he wants without ruining their emotional commitment?

The answer was clear, she purchased a female sex doll from the internet.  She purchased it from here.

sex doll

And it had arrived.

To be continued…

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