Office Christmas Party

This year’s office Christmas party got a more than a little hot, as it turned into a sex party. The stripper we had hired was doing a great job giving everyone their xxx-holiday bonus. Our office clerk walked in on all the fun when everyone was nude and cum was flying all over the place. We all almost shot our loads when she walked up to the stripper and kneeled down and started lapping her cunt.


The sheer amount of male testosterone that was being flung around in that room got too much at one point for the striper as she was fantasizing about being grouped by several of the men she found to be very attractive in that room. The clerk also had her favorite guy picked out from the crowd and she was giving him a lap dance like he wished his girlfriend would give him.


This all wasn’t even the best part of the party. The moment somebody pulled out their camera it’s like everyone just wanted to become the next porn star as everyone was into the idea of filming themselves with the girls doing sexy dances on top of them.  This year’s Christmas party was definitely something to remember for years down the line, lucky for the guys that there was such a good clerk working for them in the office, as she would express herself and her needs with the guys even after the party was done for several more months down the line.

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