Erotic Adventures

Waking up on a Monday morning is the worst! Even though you just had two days to relax and enjoy some free time, knowing that you have to get up and go work for another 5 days before you can have another break from your daily obligations is something nobody is looking forward to. John has been working at his firm for about 10 years, and even though he liked the work, he was starting to feel exhausted and he needed a break. The Caribbean sounded nice when he was checking a destination for his vacation and as he was planning to tell his boss at what time he will be taking his vacation, he got served with something he did not plan.


The boss took the opportunity to introduce the new colleague, named Anna, that would be joining their team, and as John was the most experienced in his department he would be happy if John would take her under his wing and teach her everything about the job. The boss explained that he also wants him to attend a meeting in Freeport, which was coincidentally located in the Bahamas and that he should take Anna with him so she can get some field experience. John saw this as an opportunity to relax where he wanted while the company was paying him, and figured Anna would not be a handful as he knew the insides and outsides of every job that the boss would make him do.


As John met up with Anna on the airport he got a slight feeling that she was not your average girl. She was free in a sense and she loved to express herself the way people usually would not. What John felt from her is a sense of adventure and a carefree vibe that he was missing since his teenage years. Once they landed, they took a cab to the hotel, and something strange happened during the cab ride.


Anna told John that they should save money by getting one room and then they can spend the money they saved on room service. John agreed but what he did not know is that this would lead him to temptation which he could not refuse. That night Anna taught him just how carefree he can be once he focuses on her thick thighs instead of the calendar. For it was Monday, and John was happy to go to work that day.

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