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Erogenous Zone

Ben is the kind of guy that loves to learn new things. While he was searching for a new skill or a hobby that he can start learning he came across an add that taught people how to perform a full body massage. This was something Ben wanted to learn as he knew that a guy that can perform a quality massage can easily get a girl that would appreciate such a feat, and even reward him. When the weekend came Ben called the number on the add and went to the given address, to find himself to be the only pupil as he came on the last scheduled time for the class.


This is where he met Molly, as she was the instructor in this class. Molly had long legs and a firm body, suggesting she was in sports or a cheerleader before she became a masseur. Her long blond hair and green eyes immediately pierced Bens gaze as he was caught off guard by her beauty. After the initial introduction ben was learning how to place his hands and hot to properly use the massaging techniques. However, Molly told him that to complete the class he has to give her a satisfactory massage, as she will be his first satisfied customer if he was up to the task. Ben was glad that she offered herself as he was eager to show off his skill on somebody, and Molly would be the perfect girl for that feat. As he was massaging her Molly told him to put more oil and use more pressure when it came to areas like her thighs and back. Ben was having a hard time to concentrate as he was getting an erection to Molly and her amazing body that was only hidden under a small towel.


Molly was not oblivious to this and she asked him would he like to massage her erogenous zones as she would very much like that. Ben lost the ability to speak for a second as he was surprised on how molly directly asked him to do exactly what he wanted. Without waiting for his response Molly leaned in and kissed him, pulling his shirt off with her hands and grabbing his waist with her legs she was ready to swallow him whole. The next day, Ben would be a professional masseur with a certification from Molly that he passed with flying colors.

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