Christmas Present

Christmas was approaching and Rebeca did not know what was appropriate to get her colleague who she adored. Since she joined the team he has been there to guide her through all the basics and even provide advice on things that were outside of work. While she was learning from under the guy called Johnny she grew fond of him, but she was afraid to express herself as she did not know will he have mutual feelings towards her, or will he reject her completely. Well since it was Christmas, the time to be jolly, she wanted to give it a go and whatever happens, will happen.


It was Friday and Christmas was around the corner, and as everyone was getting ready to go home for the weekend, she approached Johnny and asked him if he was up for a drink at the local bar. Johnny thinking that Rebeca wanted to talk about something accepted and soon they were having some whiskey on the ice and talking about both work and private life. During the conversation Rebeca was gathering information about Johnny and if he had somebody special in his life. While Johnny answered all her questions, he was completely oblivious to her desires and little did he know but slowly he was getting lost with his tongue as the alcohol was getting the better of him.


Rebeca saw an opportunity and asked him if he would take her home as she did not feel safe walking the streets alone, but if he was with her she would feel safe. During the trip to her home, she pretended that she was cold to get some sort of reaction from Johnny and lucky for her he hugged her with his one arm and made her feel safe and warm at the same time.

When they reached her house, she asked if he would like to join her for one last drink inside, and that she would give him his Christmas present if he wanted it. Johnny agreed and once they were inside, she was all over him like a moth to a flame. The moment they got near the bed his present was obvious, but little did Johnny know, that he had to take care of it until the early hours of the morning, making her orgasm several times over, and also making himself cum more than once.

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