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Well since it was Christmas, the time to be jolly!

Christmas was approaching and Rebeca did not know what was appropriate to get her colleague who she adored. Since she joined the team he has been there to guide her through all the basics and even provide advice on things that were outside of work. While she was learning from under the guy called Johnny she grew fond of him, but she was afraid to express herself as she did not know will he have mutual feelings towards her, or will he reject her. Read more

Erogenous Zone

Ben and his quest for Erogenous Zone

Ben is the kind of guy that loves to learn new things. While he was searching for a new skill or a hobby that he can start learning he came across an add that taught people how to perform a full body massage. This was something Ben wanted to learn as he knew that a guy that can perform a quality massage can easily get a girl that would appreciate such a feat, and even reward him. Read more

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“Let the imagination do the job”

I was already writing and publishing erotica myself back then and learned of this new event with some excitement – finally a place where I could meet and chat to other writers without the constant questions – isn’t it rude?

Benjamin Stewart

Professional Sex Story Writer

“Some of the best story is a true ones”

She began writing erotic stories to pass the time after her children went to bed. She was living in North Carolina and working as a sales representative. The stories developed a following on the Internet and she self-published The Sex Grandpa before landing a deal with big company.

Samantha Collin

Professional Sex Story Writer

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